Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pink Narcissus Pre-Order!

DESCRIPTION Tuxedomoon - Pink Narcissus 
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 180 gram audiophile vinyl stereo version The first new release in 5 years by the legendary US band consists of original music written at the instigation of French film festival L’Etrange Festival, as a new score for the eponymous, scandalous cult film from 1971. Tuxedomoon performed this soundtrack during a screening of the film in 2011, at Centre Pompidou in Paris. This 54+ minute opus ranks amongst their best instrumental suites ever, and will be released on limited edition vinyl and digital. 

 Tracklisting 12" Vinyl Album (CBOY1919LP) 
 - Nature 
 - Dorian 
 - Toreador del Amor 
 - Vanity 
 - Bombay Tension 
 - Body Parts 
 - Willie 
 - Hassidic Pizza 
 - The Storm 
 - Triumphant Procession 
 - Reflection 
 - Back to Nature 
 - Audience


  1. Hi there, small correction to the description: "¨Pink Narcissus" wasn't performed at Centre Pompidou but at Forum des Images in the Halles neighbourhood...

  2. Hello. Will it be released in cd format?