Saturday, April 9, 2016

David Haneke Joins the Tuxedomoon Tour on Visuals

Due to the recent passing of our beloved friend and comrade, Bruce Geduldig, Tuxedomoon has recruited a new visual arts man for the upcoming Half-Mute tour. His name is David Haneke, an Austrian artist resident in Switzerland. We look forward to welcoming him into the fold.

 Here is an excerpt from his CV:

David Haneke, born 1965 in Vienna, Austria. Lived from 1985 - 2005 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Since 2005 in Switzerland. Studied “performing arts” at the National School of Arts in Amsterdam. In addition to acting in many Dutch theatre productions - including several years as performer with innovative site-specific theatre group BEWTH - he has directed and produced a number of independent films and video installations in the Netherlands, as well as creating pre-recorded and real-time video projections for theatre, opera and dance groups. His short film 'Humming Wires' won a special award at the Advanca Film Festival in Portugal in 1998. In 2000 founding Studio Ame and works additionally as Cameraman and Camera director for Events- and Television productions. From 2000-2004 worked as editor and cameraman for Postproduction Studio Vermaas, Amsterdam. 2001 Teaching Sound and Cinema in collaboration with Marco Vermaas at the Film festival Avanca- Portugal. 2000 MEMBER OF JURY at the Short film Festival Köln: Short cuts Cologne
1988 - 1992 PERFORMING ARTS at the Amsterdam School of the Arts (NL) AHK, De Theaterschool - Mimeopleiding*
Diploma 1992: Bachelor of Arts
1985 - 1987 MIME and Pantomime with E.J.Dijkstra & R.v.Rijn Studio A'dam
1974 - 1983 VIOLONCELLO with Professor Wolfgang Ebert. Vienna.

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