Friday, June 10, 2016

Half Mute Tour Finished

Tuxedomoon's epic 2016 Half Mute Tour comes to a close tonight, June 10, here in Milano. It has been quite a ride. We thank all the fans, friends, and others who have come to these shows and made this the rich inspiring experience it has been. Much love to all and sundry.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Peter Principle and Dok Gregory's Zero Gravity Thinkers

Peter Principle and Dok Gregory's Zero Gravity Thinkers' new CD is now released. It will be available at the Merch table for all of the dates on the tuxedomoon Half Mute tour.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Les Disque du Crepuscule Releases Steven Brown's Album of Music for Film and Theatre

Announcing the release of Steven's album of Music for Film and Theatre 

Music For Film & Theatre | Steven Brown | Crépuscule

Music For Film & Theatre is a soundtrack anthology by Tuxedomoon member Steven Brown

Saturday, April 9, 2016

David Haneke Joins the Tuxedomoon Tour on Visuals

Due to the recent passing of our beloved friend and comrade, Bruce Geduldig, Tuxedomoon has recruited a new visual arts man for the upcoming Half-Mute tour. His name is David Haneke, an Austrian artist resident in Switzerland. We look forward to welcoming him into the fold.

 Here is an excerpt from his CV:

David Haneke, born 1965 in Vienna, Austria. Lived from 1985 - 2005 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Since 2005 in Switzerland. Studied “performing arts” at the National School of Arts in Amsterdam. In addition to acting in many Dutch theatre productions - including several years as performer with innovative site-specific theatre group BEWTH - he has directed and produced a number of independent films and video installations in the Netherlands, as well as creating pre-recorded and real-time video projections for theatre, opera and dance groups. His short film 'Humming Wires' won a special award at the Advanca Film Festival in Portugal in 1998. In 2000 founding Studio Ame and works additionally as Cameraman and Camera director for Events- and Television productions. From 2000-2004 worked as editor and cameraman for Postproduction Studio Vermaas, Amsterdam. 2001 Teaching Sound and Cinema in collaboration with Marco Vermaas at the Film festival Avanca- Portugal. 2000 MEMBER OF JURY at the Short film Festival Köln: Short cuts Cologne
1988 - 1992 PERFORMING ARTS at the Amsterdam School of the Arts (NL) AHK, De Theaterschool - Mimeopleiding*
Diploma 1992: Bachelor of Arts
1985 - 1987 MIME and Pantomime with E.J.Dijkstra & R.v.Rijn Studio A'dam
1974 - 1983 VIOLONCELLO with Professor Wolfgang Ebert. Vienna.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Half Mute Re-Release Announced

On the occasion of the Half-Mute tour, we are reissuing the album on CD,  in a special remastered and repackaged edition.

tuxedomoon half mute re-release package

The release includes a bonus album entitled GIVE ME NEW NOISE: Half-Mute Reflected. Thirteen artists have specially created covers of all the songs from Half-Mute and from the album's associated singles.

 The contributors include Foetus/Jim Thirlwell, Aksak Maboul, Simon Fisher Turner, DopplAr (feat. 2 members from Amatorski), Cult With No Name, Coti K., Georgio Valentino and others, with special appearances by the three makers of Half-Mute, Steven Brown, Peter Principle and Blaine Reininger.

Give Me New Noise will also be issued as a stand-alone vinyl LP and digital album.

Further information is available at Crammed Discs.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Bruce Geduldig Memorial

Our friend Esmerelda Kay will hold a memorial service for Bruce at our old rehearsal space on Valencia in San Francisco.

BRUCE GEDULDIG MEMORIAL- SAT. March 19th 2:45-4:00pm POWA Buddhist ceremony with Bruce's family at 3324 17th St. (between Valencia & closer to Mission St. )4:30-6:00pm 992 Valencia St. ATA gallery (and the old Tuxedomoon/NohMercy rehearsal space )

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

R.I.P. Bruce Geduldig, 1953-2016

Our erstwhile colleague and collaborator, Bruce Geduldig has died, on the occasion of his 63rd birthday, March 7, 2016. He departed from his home town, Sacramento, California, attended by his family and friends. He had been suffering for many years from liver complaints. We will miss him sorely.He joined Tuxedomoon around 1979. He had been working with Winston Tong in his theatre pieces, incorporating cinema and multi-media into their performances, and his orbit increasingly began to intersect that of Tuxedomoon. From then on, he was a constant feature in the live show, contributing to its unique gesamtkunst presentation.In the words of one our mutual friends, Jorge Socarras,

"The golden bad boy - that's what he had thought the first time he watched him walk into a room. All sharp angles he was, with a slight incline of the eyes suggesting migrations long lost under the adapted cover of blondness - invading Huns who, made docile by Teutonic magic, found themselves unable to leave the women they had raped. That fierceness and that seductiveness reconciled in their offspring's beauty, and displayed their genetic advantage when he smiled."

He had lived in Brussels, Belgium for many years, having moved there with the band in 1981. There, he met and married his beloved wife, Bernadette Martou, who died in April 2015.

In 2014, they moved to Sacramento, Bruce's home turf, having first lived for a time in Porto, Portugal.

Au revoir, dear friend. 

Gate, gate, paragate, parasamgate, bodhi, svaha!

the heart sutra*

some links: Bruce's youtube channel
.                  Bernadette's memorial page.

photo Saskia Lupini

*The Tuxedomoon Half Mute Tour will continue as planned. We shall dedicate it to his memory.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

BLR inteviewed by Max Dax for Electronic Beats.

An interesting interview with Blaine Reininger from a few years back. By Max Dax, for Electronic Beats. He also talked to him in Berlin recently, another interview not yet published.

An interesting interview from a few years back. By Max Dax, for Electronic Beats. I also talked to him in Berlin...

Posted by Blaine L. Reininger on Sunday, November 29, 2015

Friday, November 13, 2015


With the proliferation of press on this release, we have been searching for a way to share these many reviews. Here it is, a press book.