Saturday, June 26, 2021

Tuxedomoon Live in Umbria 1989 Now Available on Bandcamp


Announcing the release of an extremely rare Tuxedomoon concert from 1989 with the "hybrid lineup" of Brown, Reininger, Principle, van Lieshout and Georgiev. This edition is likely to be the most unexpected of all so far released under the Tuxedomoon Archives imprint.

(Also includes a PDF with full liner notes and official 1989 band photo by Stefan de Batselier.)

“The […] plan was to record the one-off show that Tuxedomoon performed on June 18th, 1989, in Umbertide, Italy, an event promoted by label Materiali Sonori and actually Tuxedomoon’s last concert until 1997. However, for mysterious reasons, the recording that was made proved unreleasable.”*

… until now, that is. This edition is likely to be the most unexpected of all so far released under the Tuxedomoon Archives imprint: it is a live document of the single concert performed by an extremely short-lived line-up.

The band re-gathered after the successful 1988 tour, Bruce Geduldig and Paul Zahl having meanwhile joined the Weathermen on a U.S tour. This became an opportunity to bring back Luc van Lieshout and Ivan Georgiev into the fold, and once again renew the arrangements and repertoire. Contrary to the preceding tour, the set was to incorporate both recent compositions and Blaine solo numbers. James Nice (1992) commented: “The chemistry was successful enough to provoke serious consideration of a long-term reunion that would move beyond re-hashing former glories with new technology”.

However, for fairly obscure reasons, it was not meant to be. The new line-up had a Russian tour on their schedule, but this...  more


released June 26, 2021

Recorded live at Teatro Tenda Umbertide, Umbria
18 June 1989

Steven Brown
Ivan Georgiev
Peter Principle
Blaine L. Reininger
Luc van Lieshout

A DAT audience recording from the archives of Steven Brown. Mastered by Anselmo Canha, 2021.

Band photography by Stefan de Batselier. Cover photography and design by Heitor Alvelos.

Project management by Heitor Alvelos.


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